Enambled Football Medals

The Enabled Football Medal truly is the best looking Medal to consider, with up to 6 different colours that can be used, which means your Medal will look truly great. Here at Bespoke Football Medals, we have an Enamelled Medals service which means a full-colour style of medal that looks great.

Full Coloured Enamelled Football Medal

A Stand Out Football Medal And Award
Coloured Enamelled Football Medal

Any full coloured enamelled football medal creation has a highly detailed embossing raise effect, that looks great.Choose from a wide range of colours.


Choose also the option of two different enamel borders if required, that could go around the medal creation. A raised fully coloured enamelled football medal also has a great finish and stands out rather than a flat look.


The back of the medal can have a sandblast effect, or a totally smooth look and finish that can be personalised with text of your choices such as year, name or football event. Custom ribbons can be added to any medal including the full coloured enamelled medals, you may also wish to consider non enamelled or part enamelled medals as a second option.


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If you’re in need of a Bespoke Enambled Football Medal we can supply quickly with just a 3 week lead time.