faq About Football Medals

Choosing a Football Medal for a Tournament, Club Match, County Football Match, Uk Football Match, or Game can be tricky, consider Bespoke Football Medals from us, low cost, high-quality medals produced, and delivered to you quickly, with or without boxes.

A Non Enamelled Football Medal  Football Medal is a medal with no colour, they are popular as the price is slightly less than full colour.

The Part Enamelled Football Medal is simply a Medal thats part coloured, very popular choice. 

Simply put Enamelled Football Medals  Medals are FULL colour great looking Football Medals.

Bespoke Football Medal order takes about to 2-3 weeks to create.If an order is small then a possible shorter period is possible.

We can create any Bespoke Football Medal size, the most popular size is in fact 70mm , other sizes include 60mm, 80mm, 90mm 

Bespoke silk ribbon’s are supplied with Bespoke Football Medals.We supply FREE Ribbons with orders over 100.

We can supply supply Bespoke Medal Presentation Boxes, choose from Velvet or Leather boxes.

Any size Bespoke Custom Football Medal can be created, the most popular sizes are 50mm,60mm,70mm,80mm Medals.

If you see a Bespoke Medal Anywhere we can copy that Medal to its exact specifications.

Yes We can create any Bespoke Football Colour, just ask us.

A Bespoke Medal is a custom hand crafted Medal for Sports Or for any type of Medal reason.Bespoke Sports Medals are also Europa Medals also known.


An Enamelled Medal is a very popular custom sports medal you can see here.

Non- Enamelled Medals are perfect for sports, or indeed any type of reward.With no colour they still look great, they are perfect for and football event.